DIY Eclipse T-shirt

We are going to get moon yall! 

People are really getting rawled up about the total eclipse that will take place on August 21st. Everywhere I go everyone is talking about it. Businesses are offering special foods and drinks this day. Krispy Kreme is pulling out a chocolate glazed doughnut for the occasion. Somebody stop me!

The path goes straight to the South Carolina coast. Hotels are already booked up and extra security is in place for the crowd that suppose to be pouring in. They have plans to direct traffic. They say its going to be crazy.

I don't have any glasses, but I did make me a cool shirt to wear this day. It has a simple look and was easy to make. 

I took an old t-shirt and some white acrylic paint. 
I painted the edge of an old plastic bowl and stamped it in the center of the shirt. I then used a paper towel and sort of smeared it to give it a glowing look. 

The last solar eclipse was in 1979. I was ten. I remember being in school and the teachers took us outside. I didn't understand what the fuss was all about and I was not interested in looking at it on a piece of paper through a pin dot on a piece of cardboard. 

Well they say from where I live, we will see 95% coverage. But, We can't look at it without special glasses. Hmmm I wonder how hard it would be to get a pair? I'm sure the stores have a markup on them. 

The next total eclipse in view from here will be May 11, 2078.

What are your speculations or plans for the total eclipse? 

Meanwhile, I wonder where I put those moon pies.

Vacation Is Over

I'm back from the beach. I can't say we had the best weather but it was ok. We got two nice sunny days out of eight and made new friends. Though it rained off and on all week, the mornings brought a beautiful sunrise.

One night was extremely windy but no rain. It was three in the morning and you could hear others outside rushing around to get their awenings in. We pull ours in any time we leave and before be head to bed. We have been the ones fighting the awning in the wind before. Not fun.... well, yes, for me it was fun. I think I laughed the whole time we wrestled with it. 

Despite some bad luck during the week, we had a pretty good time. We celebrated my brother in laws birthday at dinner one night. We danced on the pier one evening til close and visited the winery one afternoon. 

The ride home was nice though we ran through bans of rain every few miles. We stopped half way for a picnic and finished off the piminto cheese sandwiches. 

I love being at the beach but there is always that feeling of comfort when I return home. I have to say, I miss my soft bed, big shower, and 4ply toilet paper.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Sand

It's our fifth day at the beach. I can't say it's been our best vaction week, but hey, it beats being at work. I have had time to relax.

It has rained every day we have been here. The camper gets tight. However, the sun will make an appearance for a few hours each day and everyone rushes out to the sand to get a dose of vitamin D. It's like playing Russian Roulette with the sun. We have not needed to put out the umbrellas yet. I think friday is suppose to be a brighter day. 

We have kept busy. At the beginning of the week we spent a half a day at the Verizon store. If you read my last entry, you know my daughter dropped her phone in the toilet and killed it. We actually were able to order the new phone online and just go pick it up. But, since we have poor internet service at the campground, we decided to hang out at the Verizon store while my daughter swiched everything from her old phone to her new one. The ride back was more joyful as we now have a happy girl (Her bill hasn't came yet).

I have actually enjoyed the cloudy mornings on the beach as long as it's not rainy. Something about the sound of the waves, cool breeze and the sounds of chirping seagulls that bring tranquility. 

I'm feeling pretty good. I got an email Monday from the cardiologist letting me know that my stress test results were normal and nothing is wrong with me. (Yes an email). This relieved a lot of my tension knowing I can continue doing what I do without worry.

My husband snapped a picture of me acting silly. I was seeing how high I could jump. You can see the rain bans in the horizon. 
Note: When your 48, this can hurt. 

Today is Thursday and it's the sunniest so far. The rain is suppose to move in later this afternoon. Here is my current 11:30am few. We will head in soon for a bite to eat and hopfully head back to the sand.  


Fifteen minutes after I posted this photo It came a down pour with thunder. So we are now sitting in the camper eating and possibly a nap. There are only so many games of checkers you can enjoy. 

Ooop, here comes the sun again....gotta run.

Good Day From SC

We made it to the beach. Finally, a vacation. I still have some things to do for work. I'll log in and do that later this afternoon. Thats what happens when I leave the office on payroll week.ugh.

Last night we had a little dilemma and it's pretty serious. It ruined everyones moods and caused a little sress in yesterevening. We made it here to our destination around noon, hooked up the camper and set off for a short walk. 
We have our 25 year old daughter with us. Yep, shes made it a point to come for a free vacation with us every year. Well, this year it's going to cost her. Why? Well, during our walk, she made a pit stop and ended up dropping her smart phone in the toilet. It became a dumb phone within minutes. She rushed to the general store and grabbed a bag of rice. Putting you wet phone in a bag of rice is suppose to cure it. Nope. Some of her phone works now, but most of the features are dead. 

So guess what.....

We are heading out Monday morning to travel 10 miles to the nearest Verizon store. (Dads not to happy). She will need to purchase a new phone. (Yes we are some of those mean parents that make our child do for herself after college). 
For now, She will have to enjoy a day without the luxury. It's killing her. Moms and dads, You know how its. When your kids aint happy, your not happy. Its going to be a long day. 

Meanwhile, I got up early and had my breakfast and coffee on the beach then went to the campground worship service while Nick took his walk and the daughter slept in.

Depiste the weather station calling for rain all week, it's a beautiful hot and sunny day.

Aunt Again

It's A boy!

I found out in June that I get to be an aunt again. 
It was announced yesterday that I'll have another Nephew! 
Due Christmas eve.
It's all grand boys on my side of the family, except for my daughter.

I was hoping for pink ribbons and bows. But its ok. I just pray for a healthy one. Its been twenty five years since a girl has been born into the family.  Family get togethers are full of snakes, snails and puppy dog tails. I'll throw in dirty hands and snotty noses too.

My daughter likes the idea that she still holds the title of the only "granddaughter". She now hopes to one day be the one to have the first "great grand daughter". 
I'm not holding my breath. She needs to find prince charming first.

Speaking of baby boys. My friend has her first grandbaby due anytime now. The nursery theme is vinatge cars and trucks. How cute is that? 
The mom to be found a picture online of some little crochet booties in the shape of cars and made sure I saw them. She said her baby boy just might look good in a pair of them. 

If you know me, I like a challenge, so I worked up a pair of little car shoes without her knowing.

Aren't they cute? I'm pleased at the way they turned out. I can't see them staying on the little kicker but they might add a touch to the nursery. 
The pattern I used is from Hut's Crochet

I'm giving them to her as a surprise gift. She should be getting them in the mail sometime tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting around waiting on results from my stress test. I dont have time to wait around anymore! I'm guessing, no news is good news and I have beach to attend. 
Sea ya! 

Nailed It

Hopefully I didn't actually nail anything!

I finally felt like getting out for a little walk. Not sure what's going on but my normal fast 15 minute a mile walks have been a thing of the past latley. I'm working on finding out what's going on with my chest pains. 
After more sleepless nights, I reconsidered the stress test and will be doing that tomorrow.

We have our normal path around the neighborhood and it's equal to about three miles. We threw on our walking cloths and headed out. Once we reached the top of our road, we noticed several nails that looked as if they had spilled from a construction truck. We picked up all the ones we could see and continued walking. As we continued we saw a lot more. Our whole walk consisted of picking up nails. The intire neighborhood roads were infested! 

Here are just a few we found. It's all we could carry at one time. We went back for more.

This makes me mad. One, because I can't afford new tires. Two, I'm fixing to drive out of town and don't need a flat, and three, how can somone be so careless?

Every morning now, when Nick takes his walk, he continues to find more nails. He thinks he found the neighbors that are causeing this havoc. He noticed their own driveway was covered in nails as well. Why are they not concerned about this? I do not wish bad on anyone but they deserve four flat tires! We can't communicate with them because they do not understand English. 

Meanwhile,  I try to watch the road on my drive in and out each day. I have also notified the other neighbors to be careful as well.  If I get a nail in my tire, those culprets will learn some English pretty quick.