Crocheting Halters

It has really been beautiful here in the Carolina's the past couple weeks. The weather has been warm souring into the 80s. Me and Nick have been able to get in some nice long walks and the flip flops and tank tops have come alive in my wardrobe. 

But there has been a couple cool or rainy days where all I want to do is curl up in my recliner and crochet. I found a new pattern for a granny square so I made a couple signature halter tops. 


First let me show you this little baby shower gift I made for a church friend. I crocheted a little bonnet and booties that can be used to bring baby home from the hospital, pictures or church. 


These little crochet items are often never used and just put away as a heirloom. Regardless of what she decides to do with this set, I had fun creating it. 

Now about the halters. I couldn't hardly wait to show you. Though they are unique, they are not really my style, so you probably will not see me sporting one of these. I made my daughter a white one last year that is similar to these and she wears it well. I think they are rather cute and if I was in my 20's again, I'd attempt the look. 


I can't make two the same as I just add the colors as I go. I will start each square with a color and just add fill in colors as I go.

I call it the boho or hippie look. I'm sure there is someone out there that would love to have one of these. It seems to be the new (but old) trend this summer. "Whats old is new again" they say. 


I can see these halters being worn with cut off jeans and sandals. They are cool and perfect for the beach.
I had fun making these and plan to do some more on my spare time. 

I have also been having fun creating dish cloths and baby rompers. Im telling ya, my creation ideas are all over the place. I may crochet a trivet on day and a pair booties the next. I never know what direction the hook is going to go. I like trying to make new things and have come a long way on learning to crochet. I surprise myself sometimes.

Halters above can be found in my online store Here

A Trip to Charlotte

You will not hear much about trips to Charlotte from me. I do not mind going to visit my daughter, but Nick is uncomfortable with me driving there alone yet he hates driving in Charlotte unless he really has to. Most of the time, our daughter will just come home to visit. She doesn't mind the drive. She likes the quietness and "her room" here at home. 
The last time she was here, she noticed birds singing, crickets chirping and squirrels running around. She said "Mom, I don't get to see any of that where I live".  Funny how we do not notice things around us until they are gone. 

Saturday after we had our breakfast and coffee we jumped in the car and drove to Charlotte to visit her. We delivered a bistro table we had that was worn and never used. Ash and her roomate wanted it for their covered patio.


We thought it might look a little wierd but ya know young people now days. 
We got the table set in place and she asked her dad to hang a piece of art on the patio next to the table. Task complete.
Not sure about those pillows but, whatever.


It was lunch time, the weather was beautiful, breezy and warm. She wanted to treat us to lunch and mentioned a nice place about a mile down the road that served healthy vegan foods. Ok, first, none of us are vegan but have been eating more healthy. Unless its a salad, I want to see meat or cheese on my plate. We agreed to lunch.

Fortunatly, her apartments is right next to the light rail trail. Its a walking trial that run along side of the light rail train that runs from one end of town to the other. Being only a mile to the eating spot, we wanted to walk there. 


Its was a great little one mile walk as we explored things around the city. She would name stores, resteraunts, art galleries and more as we walked. 

The restaurant we was an old mill turned into a unique place to eat with indoor and outdoor seating. The name was Lunas Kitchen. The menu offered healthy salads, desserts and of course smoothies. 

I ordered something called falafel  


Falafel is made with chickpeas and other healthys things with a side of creamy stuff. No dairy involved. The white creamy stuff was made with some kind of almond milk. Sorry, I'm not health food educated. 

Ashley ordered bbq sliders.


I kept eyeing her plate trying to figure out how they got veggies to look like bbq. She said "mom, the meat is actually mushrooms!" Nick got a kale salad. After one bite of my turd balls, I traded Nick for the salad. We were all happy. 

It was a fun day. 

Mountain Dew Soda Cake

Holy snackaroni! I just made cupcakes muffins using only two ingredients. 
I had no frosting, therfore they are muffins.


Googling around on the internet I seen "Soda Cake". It only called for two ingredients. 


1-Box Cake mix
1-12 oz can of soda.
Thats it! Zip! Bam! 

The only soda I had in the house was Diet Moutain Dew (diet because I'm on a diet, haha). 
I mixed it with a box of cake mix and the magic (not Jacks magic) appeared right before my eyes. 
The cake mix got all bubbly, fizzy and foamy until it was mixed well. 

Poured into a muffin pan and baked according to the directions on the box, I had the fluffiest most moistest cupcakes muffins ever! 


They were quiet delicious as I ate three of them. I'll regret it during the night. 

No worries on the calories (unless you devour them like I did).
Recipe makes 24 muffins.
Since there is no milk, oil or eggs, this recipes is light on the calories.
While the regular recipe bakes up each cupcake at about 120 calories each, this soda recipe falls at around only 70 calories each. 
Of course I used "diet soda" . 

Want more ideas on flavors? There are many other soda / cakemix combinations. 



DIY Bunny Napkins and Rice Dyed Eggs

Hope everyone is having a happy Easter weekend. 
I dont have any little ones, so no egg hunts, frilly photo sessions or Easter bunny meetings. However, I do have my adult daughter home with me this weekend. She comes in so we can do some of the Eastery fun stuff. We bake, dye eggs, and shop. 

We will get up Easter Morning and go to sunrise service, church service and then sit down to a nice Easter dinner.

Speaking of dinner, as I was adding clean linens to the table, I started playing around with the napkins. I dicovered a way to make little bunny napkins. Pretty ribbon or napkin rings would make them even more fancy but I had neither.
Excuse the picture quality. The lighting was terrible in the dining room and I was in a hurry.


I made a potato salad, broccoli casserole and banana strawberry salad to go with Sundays Dinner. 
Easter shopping is complete, Easter baskets are assembled and remember the pom pom sandals I pictured in my last post? Found some! Yes I bought them. 


Later me and Ashley dyed eggs. Now listen up! If you dont want a mess, your gonna love this idea! Its clean, colorful and you can handle the eggs immediately without getting dye on your hands.


1. Place white rice in a baggy.
2. Put about 5 or so drops of food coloring in the rice and mix a little.
3. Place egg in bag and shake it around. The more you shake and mix, the brighter it becomes.
4. Remove them using your hands. The dye will not get on them as its already dry. Really! Its like a little miracle.  
(Add a few more drops of color to do the next egg. The dye will dry fast in the rice.)

Hope everyone has a great Easter and remember the true meaning of the day. 

Pom Pom Fashion

There is something about spring that puts me in the fashion mode (Jack at shipslog doesn't understand. ha). Though I don't really buy much, I do a lot of window shopping.

I don't need any new clothes. I'm fine with the new smaller clothes I was able to purchase last year. I usually will get a new outfit to wear Easter Sunday but a thrift store purchase works just fine for that. 

I noticed in the stores lately, a lot of things with pom pom trim. At first I thought "too hippie or bohemian for me", but then it grew on me and I absolutely adore it! I'm now on a mission to either buy or make my own pom pom fashion. 


No not like that!
That's going over board but a little trim and dazzle is perfect for summer time at the beach.


They are putting pom poms on everything now. 


I love all these looks and more that I found online. 


I hope Mom reads this because I bet she can trim out anything I want if I decide to go that route. 

I went to the Goodwill last night. No intentions of buying shorts but I found these distressed name brand shorts that fit me perfect! 


I also found a light weight sweater to throw on over a bikini top and ....yes brand new, with tags, flip flops with tiny black pom poms on them. I may even add some colored one to them. After all, they only costed me 3.00.

This will be perfect to wear at the beach on a cool summer evening walk or play.
I'm taking a trip to the dollar store today to purchase my own pom poms. I have a hat like this that needs some color! 

Ok maybe I'm a little "boho"

Unlucky Weekend

I've gotten behind on my blogging lately. I've just been lazy though I still take time each day to read other peoples post.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Palm Sunday weekend as we enter into Holy Week.
This is probably my favorite times of the year. The weather starts warming up, The flowers are all in full bloom, the gardens start to harvest and I can wear flip flops!

The daughter came home this weekend so mom here could buy her a new Easter outfit. After hours and hours of shopping from one end of town to the next, No luck.
Everything out there is either too short, too skimpy or too expensive. Yes I gave her a price limit. I figured $50 was enough to buy a nice dress or outfit and maybe some shoes. She just could not find anything she liked.
She suggested that Charlotte had more stores to choose from and will just look around there this week on her own.

Meanwhile, Me and Nick spent Sunday afternoon washing the cars, getting milkshakes and relaxing. Nothing really exciting happened unless you call getting a screw in my tire exciting. Yep, right slab dab in the center of the tire was a screw.


It upsets me that people are careless on what they haul in the back of pickup trucks that can fall out onto the roads. I'm thinking that's where nails and screws come from. We see at least one on the road every week on our walks.

Nick drove me to work on Monday and took the tire to have it fixed. Its time for me to get new tires so we just had the tire store plug it for now. Tires for my vehicle are so darn expensive, I have to save up for a set. I still have 2 months left before I have to get an extended warranty on my car too. I seriously looked into just going ahead and trading for a new car. 

I remember as a teenager, I would drive on the sames tires until I saw thread. If I would have gotten pulled over, I was just gonna tell the police they were racing slicks.

Nick keeps an eye on my tires regularly. He is one to think tires need to be replaced after a certain amount of miles have been put on them despite how much tread is still left. He assures my safety but
they still look good to me.

Needless to say, Ill be getting a new set of tires before we head to the beach again in May.

"A Good Kid In Trouble"

I just had the privilege to read another book from one of my favorite Authors, Jack Darnell. He is also the Author of the Shipslog blog. I'm sorta Partial to Jack. Hes one of my favorite peoples. We are from the same area, and have a lot in common despite the age gap. haha.
"You can't say I don't know Jack". Haha.
Go check em out.

I have other blogging friends that have written books as well such as Rick, Diana, Fran, and R.MacWheeler to name a few. I love these people!
Hmmm. Wonder if I can write a book? ha, Na don't think so, I can't even write a blog post that makes sense most of the time.

This is the third book by Darnell I've read. Mary Ann being the first. The second one of his books I read was The Appalachian Trail. I found this book to be very interesting and I even learned some new things. There was a chapter in the AT book that mentioned running up on a troubled boy named Johnny. Not much is said about Johnny but enough to make you wonder where he came from and where he went in life. 

Well the latest book by Jack Darnell is called Johnny, The Trail and Trials will pick up on the Johnny story. I'm glad I read this book as it solved my wondering about this teen. However, you do not have to read the Appalachian Trail to understand this book. You will enjoy it either way.

I loved this book! It was large print and easy to read (which I like). It was interesting from the very beginning. My nose was buried in the pages from the start. The people and places in Jacks books are all so familiar to me as some of the settings often take place in towns and places around me. Though some names have been changed, I can often relate to who the real person is he's talking about. Then again some names stay the same [wink].

While reading this book, I felt like I was actually sucked into the story somehow. [literally]. It was a fun read that would jerk a tear one minute and trigger a laugh the next. There are twists in the story that will make you not want to put this book down. If you have ever lost a loved one, raising or know a teenager or are a teenager yourself, you may be able to relate to this book. 

Again, I am impressed that Jack can write a book while RV traveling with his beautiful wife, remodel a home and keep his blog going daily. I do good just finding time write a comment sometimes. 

Johnny, The Trail of Trials along with Jacks other books are all available on in paperback or e-book.
You will enjoy it. 

"Teenagers aren't bad, just misunderstood".


Learned Some Things

This weekend was beautiful with the temperatures reaching almost 80 degrees. "Perfect! Just perfect".

I spent most Saturday morning doing a little spring cleaning. Didn't make it past the kitchen but still, I can say its clean now. I rearranged it a bit. Well, like Four times! I'd move things from one side of the kitchen to the other. I was so unsatisfied. 
You see, I want a coffee bar, so I moved some appliances around to where I had a whole corner space for a coffee bar. I did a lot of switching around until I had a look I was going for. Then I grabbed things I already had stashed away and created a rather cute coffee area. But it didn't appeal to me. The more I looked at it, the less I liked it. I didn't like the way the toaster looked in it's new place of where the cofee maker used to be.


So I changed it all back. I did end up creating a coffee tray bar. So everything sits where it originally was but just in a new fashion. I still have to doll it up with some decorations and things but you get the idea.
I also added new curtains and new rugs to brighten it up. 

Speaking of "new". I learned some new things this weekend. 

1. My husband found an old Navy foot locker in the attic of his dad and moms house while cleaning it out last week. 


By the name and address, he was able to locate the widow and daughter of the past owner and it was returned. I learned what a foot locker was. 

2. This little piece of tin.


It was in the kitchen of his Dad and moms old house. I took it home, cleaned it up and then googled it. I learned it was a steamed pudding pan. It's adorable and I will have to attempt to make a steamed pudding. I've always wanted to make "figgy pudding" at Christmas so this might be the year. 

3. I learned to crochet a polka dot pattern.

It was a fun stitch and I may make some more of these dandy little dish cloths. I put this set in my shop. Hope they sell. 

4. And this! Did you know that a blender blade will fit on a mason jar? For a country girl, this gets me tickled. 
Yep no more making smoothies and pouring them into the jar. 


Just put the stuff in the jar itself, screw on the blade thingy and put it directly on the blender. Isn't that just the coolest thing ever? 

Now off to face the work week. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Ps- Husband just told me I didn't mention the biggest thing I learned this weekend. 
"Whats that?" I asked.
With a laugh he said "that the coffee maker doesn't work on the right side of the kitchen because I'm left handed".
"Haha Nick, your funny".

Lovely Linens

Then other day I had sat down to my dinner after a long day of work. My husband sitting across from me with fork in hand ready to dig into his dinner as well.

He asked me about my day, I ask him about his. Just the normal table talk. Then I glanced over to a chair next to me and there sat a box of vintage linens! My eyes widened. "What?, oh my gosh! Where did you find these!". I said with excitement. He just smiled and said, "They are yours to do what you want with them. Use them, sell them, put them away, just whatever".


If you follow my blog, you have heard me mention before how I love vintage linens along with Pyrex and Fire King dishes. With the linens, its mainly the tea towels I adore but I love it all. Something about the waxy yet soft feel of the cotton and the simplicity and character they display.


I think I swallowed my food whole before grabbing the box of goodies. The rest of the evening, I spent playing with them like a little girl in a mess of doll clothes. 
I examined each piece and tossed them in the washer.


The next day (or two), I ironed and sorted them by color, and texture. Then sorted them by size and later sorted out the ones that were too damaged by age.


Though I love these pretties, I have no use for them. I took out the tea towels and table cloths to keep for myself and put the other pieces in my Etsy shop so they can find a new home. If they do not sell, I'm ok with it. Its just something about having them around I don't mind.

Its just an obsession, but not necessarily a collection.
If you would like to purchase any of these linens, just visit my shop by clicking HERE or on the tab at the top of my page.

What are some old things you always got an eye for? 

Nutrisystem Cookies n Cream Mug Cake

Have you noticed I like to play and experiment with foods? Most of the time its Nutrisystem foods. I've been on Nutrisystem now for two years and three months. I lost all my weight within eight months on the program but I continue eating the foods to maintain my weight. I also eat a lot of my own foods too. I've learned how to eat healthy throughout the program. I'm still so pleased with the results I got with Nutrisystem, I simply can't let it go. 


I admit, the Nutrisystem cookie sandwiches are not my favorite ( neither are Oreos) but I ordered some again anyway. This time I didn't dip them in milk....I mixed them in milk and with a couple other teaspoons of this and that, I made a cookies n cream mug cake. It was a fun new way to enjoy a dessert that normally I would not like. 


It was easy to make and only took about 5 minutes from start to finish. Add another 10 minutes trying to take a perfect photo. Ha!
If your not on Nutrisystem, use Oreos or something. Im sure it will be just as good.
I chose to keep it healthy. It turned out a little dry but good. 


 Nutrisystem Cookies n Cream Mug cake

4 Tablespoons- All purpose Flour
1/4 teaspoon- baking Powder
1/4 cup- mini chocolate chips (this is your sugar)
4 tablespoons- milk (I used 2%)
1/2 tablespoon - vegestable oil
2 cookies 

In a mug or remkin, melt chocolate chips and milk together in microwave. 
Add remaining ingredients. 
Mix until smooth.
Fold in crushed cookies.
Microwave for 1 minute.

Im not sure what the Nutrisystem count is for this recipe, but I think its a dessert and one smart carb. 

Stuck in the 70's

Ah the 70's. I was one year old in 1970. I'm still living in it. Yep, I live in a 70''s style ranch house. The era of tall dark cabinets and Formica counter tops. The years of the pink and yellow bathrooms with 2 inch tiles covering the walls, ceramic tubs and don't forget that paneling.

When we moved in, we installed hardwood floors throughout, took out the book selves in the den, tore out most of the paneling throughout, carpeted the bedrooms, installed new kitchen appliances, fixtures  and painted the walls. 

But its still that mid modern 70's! 
Its the kitchen!!!

We do not want to spend any money remodeling. We simply do not have it. We make do with what we have.

I plan to lighten it up soon with new curtains and brighter accent rugs. If the cabinets get a face lift, that will be up to the husband. I cant do it myself and will not even attempt it without his support. We never do large purchases or changes without the others approval. We stay in the same boat.

Then I sit back and look around. I begin to think. This was at one time, some woman's dream kitchen.

It was the "better homes" style at the time. 
I picture a mother with bouffant hair in an apron hosting a kids birthday party. 
I picture a dad with sideburns coming in from work while a roast is waiting in the oven. 
I picture Tupperware parties 
and macrame plant hangers.

I sometimes think I'd like to keep hold of the 70's style, I mean since I can't have the french country look I adore, I'll just revamp the 70's style! Brighten it up but keep the look. Maybe add some retro fixtures and decor, and just go with it. Let it be the look I'm going for in case anyone ask......
Wait, husband just shook his head "no". 
Ok I do have a plan B. 

For the record: No my bathroom is not pink. But we do have a yellow one with a golden throne! 

New Blog Look

Guess what? I won! Yes I entered to win a free blog make over at over at life and linda and two days later I got the memo that I had won!


I now have a "My Fairy Blogmother". 

So, what do you think? 

It was about time It got a face lift and I was planning on eventually giving it a redo but there is only so much you can do from Blogger itself. They have some nice templates but I like my own personality to show through mine. Frankly, I was just too lazy to mess with it. 

Linda contacted me via email and got some ideas of the look I was going for and it took off from there. 
I even learned a few things along the way. 

Did she make it look great or what!? Be sure to visit her site and see example of her other blogger designs.

My blog is not the only thing that got a new look today. My butterfly bush got a nice trim and decor. My daughter came for a visit and we made an Easter tree. We also baked cookies.


My daughter is an adult and lives out on her own. Living 30 minutes from us, she manages to visit every few weekends. When she comes home, my mommy engine goes full throttle. I fix her meals to eat, we bake, shop, tell stories and laugh a lot.... And yes, I have to throw in those life lectures (maybe to much). No matter how old she gets, I somehow can not let her grow out of those fun childlike traditions we have during the holidays. 

Need A Makeover

I have been putting a lot of thought into giving my blog a makeover. I have been blogging for seven years now using the same template. I can't believe I've let this happen. I like change.
I have changed my colors and back ground photo before, but not the layout.

I'm skeerd I will not like it or that it will mess up my other past post. I'm not real smart on the whole "backing up my blog thing", which you need to do before you make any changes, just in case.
However, I could and would figure it out.

Then this happened. I found a blog makeover giveaway over at life and linda. She is also known as "My Fairy Blogmother". I signed up. Maybe I will win. I'll know by Sunday. Fingers crossed.

If I do not win. I may go ahead and tackle it myself. Blogger has introduced some new templates and clean looking layouts. I just don't know if I want the type of layout that readers have to click "read more" to move on to the rest of the story. That's what it seems everyone is doing now. Well see. I think I'm pretty good with HTML codes once I get into them. That's something MySpace (before facebook) taught me years ago when I used to help my daughter set up her site. MySpace was all by HTML codes. Now I know why older folks leaned more toward Facebook. ha!

So, I'll sit here and wait to see if I win a blog makeover.
Either way, be prepared to see a change coming soon to my blog look. Don't worry, The name and link with stay the same. Just the layout will look different. If I don't chicken out first it will be sometime next week.

I hope in the process I do not lose anything. Wish me luck.

The Tomato Pincushion


Remember back to your mother or grandmother. Do you remember seeing a tomaoto Pin cushion sitting around their home somewhere? I bet you did. I bet you at least have seen one in someones house you know.
I remember my mom had one. In fact, I think she still uses it.


Back in the middle ages, Pins and needles were costly. Women would use pin cushions not only to store their pins and needles but would also use pin cushions to display these expensive necessities. By the 1700's pin pillows were more for decoration than for use.

Back in the Victorian era, A tomato was placed on the mantels of new homes. It was a folklore that they were used to ward off evil spirits. When they realized that tomatoes were not always in season, people started makeing pillowed tomatoes out of cloth and stuffed them with sand or saw dust. Through out the years, the stuffed tomato became a good luck symbol eventually doubling as a pin cushion. this is why most pin cushions are still round.


Attached to the top of the tomato pin cushion, is a small stuffed strawberry. This was filled with sand or originally emery which was fine metal shavings. The strawberry was used to sharpen the pins and needles.

Pretty cool huh? So, if your mom had one, it was probably because everyone else had one. If she sewed, It was used a lot, and my moms did just that.

I bet your thinking back or looking around the house right now, huh?.

Arbonne -My Review

I'm just putting it out here.

I'm a 47 year old Mom. I have wrinkles and I have gray hair hidden under a bottle of root touch up.
I do not feel my age but I can see it when I look in the mirror. I love the sun and I have skin damage.
When I take selfies I tend to hold the camera up above my head looking up to camouflage the laugh lines and crows feet. I have age spots and freckles. The struggle is real.

So when a friend of mine asked if I would like to try a product called Arbonne. I figured, why not?
I usually shy away from independent consultants selling products. I do not like being pushed to "join" or "host" parties, but I was willing to give this one a try by sampling some of the skin products and more.

It really scared me when she asked if I would take some before and after photos. "What? no make up? Show my wrinkles? Oh crap! I guess I will. Some make up will be applied but I will not use any filters or editing as I want to see the real results, so bare with me as I brave the task.

Arbonne has everything you need to stay healthy, from skin care to nutrition. Its made of pure safe botanical ingredients that are scientifically tested and with no animal or by-products. Whether you want to feel great, get fit or have great skin, Arbonne has the solution. They also offer acne solutions, makeup,and hair products. They even offer products for men and babies.

At the end of my post, I will have the links to find these products and much more from Arbonne Consultant Heather.

Within a couple days, I received a package in the mail full of some really cool samples to try from Arbonne. Including skin care products, fit chews, fizzy energy drink sticks, eye shadow and face wash along with interesting information on Arbonne Products.

The first thing I tried was the Genius nightly Resurfacing Pad which made my facial skin look and feel healthier after just one application.
I followed this with the "Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream". It's made to lift skin around the eye area to give a more awaking appearance as it firms and tightens.

             Results of the lifting and contouring eye cream.

Did I like it?:
After applying the eye cream, I felt some tingling on my skin. This only lasted a couple seconds then I could actually feel the skin tightening. No redness and no irritation.

Did it work for me?
I think it did pretty good within two days. I can see a little difference. I think it plumped a few of those creases around my eyes. The little bags under my eyes seem to diminished dramatically.
I can imagine how well it would work after the recommended 8 weeks. I give this one a thumbs up.


Next I tried the "RE9 Advanced Set".
This is a five step daily process that includes cleanser, regenerating toner, renewal serum, corrective eye cream, and day/night repair and restore cream with broad spectrum SPF 20.

Did I like it?:
First I have to say I loved the refreshing smell. It had a citrus orange aroma as I applied it each day and that awakened me enough alone! It also had a tingling sensation that only lasted a couple seconds. My face felt clean and fresh all day even under make up. I liked the toner and renewal serum best as it made my face feel fresh and smooth.

Did it work for me?
Since it was only a sample, I could not get the full effects. But after a few applications, I could see a slight difference in my appearance. It made my face feel refreshed. I really noticed the toning of my skin and almost felt like not wearing any makeup. The blotchy redness I usually have on my face was lighter and less noticeable and my skin felt tighter. I give this a thumbs up.


My package of samples also included a couple of the "Energy Fizz Sticks" .
These you add to your water for a refreshing bubbly flavor and burst of energy without the caffeine or dangerous ingredients in the canned energy drinks. These are a great kick start before workouts. They have antioxidants and include a blend of Ginseng and Guarana combined with vitamin B to temporarily help promote alertness and enhance performance.

Did I like it?
It was OK. At first sip, It tasted to me like drinking an Alka-seltzer, blahh! But after I chilled it a bit and drank more, it wasn't so bad. It was like a flavored soda water. My favorite flavor was the Pomegranate but the citrus was OK too. I've heard others say they love these.

Did it work for me?
It gave me a little energy. By 3:00 in the afternoon, I usually start feeling sluggish and tired. This fizzy drink enhancer kept me energized enough to feel good until dinner time. It actually helped with some hunger cravings too. However, to be honest. I'm not a big fan of energy drinks.


Arbornne has a whole catalogue of products that are healthy and good for you. I was a little spectacle after reading some other reviews but I think these products will hold up to their name. I had no side effects and was pleased with the effects I saw. You should give them a try.
You can contact Heather through these links. She will be happy to help answer any of your questions and lead you to the products you need to look younger and feel healthier.

Click here to view catalog and purchase

Heathers Blog: My Journey with arbonne  (fun read)

Note: I am not affiliated or being paid by Arbonne. These are my own volunteered, honest opinions and the results are real.
Individual results can differ. 

My Ear Update

Im being a little slow on my blogging. It will get better soon.
I've just been a little busy. Between working and fighting my ear problem, Ive been working up some crochet chemo hats for a loved one.

I'm still suffering something aweful with my ear. I have tinnitus (ring ears). I could have meniere desease. It's  more advance symptoms of tinnius, that includes vertigo, sound sensitivity and inner ear pressure. I'm feeling it all.


Im currently taking "Lipo Flavonoid" for relief, but so far it has not helped. The bottle says it can take up to 30 days to work and so far Ive been taking it for about 15 days. I don't have much faith in it.
Unfortunatly, there is no cure for Tinnitus or Meniere's Desease. There are only some relief remedies.


Since I haven't been sleeping well, it was suggested I get a white noise machine. This did help some during the night but I worried so much that it would keep Nick awake, I couldn't relax. He assures me each night that it doesn't, so I'll continue.

A friend told me last week to take two shots of whiskey before I go to bed.
Now, my daddy always told me to stay away from that stuff.  Sorry dad, I had to try it.
It didn't work so no worries on me becoming an alcoholic. Ha.

Tonight I'm gonna try some Melatonin to see if it helps me sleep. Just like the Flavonoid, its not a drug. Just natural ingredients.
I stay away from medicines unless its Allegra for allergies or Ibuprofen for Pain.

The doctors are shocked when I tell them im not on any medication. Women my age are usually on something. Not this girl. I hope to never have to rely on a drug. I'd rather drink the whisky.
Just kidding.

It's off to bed now. Hopeing for finally a good night sleep.