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Bath Vapor Balls

I’m one of those moms that can come up with a solution in a tight situation. My daughter calls me “resourceful”. Find me some twigs, and I’ll make a rope. I will make a heating pad out of a sock and rice. You get the idea. I can just figure ways to make things work with whatever I have at hand. So, when I found a recipe for vapor bath balls, I could not figure out why, in my whole mommy life, have I never thought of this! During cold season, I’ve used menthol on Kleenexes, and made cotton ball sniffers, but this? I should have thought of this years ago.

I have been lucky to escape the cold and flu in over a year but I know a lot of you have been down with the crud. Or maybe you just need a fresh eye opening shower. Like when you bite into a York peppermint patty, you get that sinsat.......Never mind. 

I’m going to share with you this easy 3 ingredient recipe to make medical history..... Not really, but you will love these if you ever get a stopped up nose or develop a head or chest cold. They are safe for kids, however, I would limit the exposure just in case. They also will not harm your tub, shower or drains. So before you head out to the drug store, grab a bowl, Vick's VapoRub and some cornstarch. I’m gonna share with you this easy and fun way to make a feel good aroma.

 Bath Vapor Balls

1 cup - corn starch
3 tablespoons- Vick's VapoRub (or other mentol gel)
3 tablespoons water
2 drops Food Coloring (optional)

  • In a glass bowl and a fork, toss and mix VapoRub and cornstarch until it starts looking pebbleish. (Is that a word?)

  • Drop in tablespoons of water one at a time while mixing. (You can add food coloring at this time but its optional.)
  • If you pinch the mixture, you will now see how it sticks. (It will still just look "pebbleish").
  • Now use your hands and form balls as big or little as you like. (I was able to make four palm size or 3 inch balls.)
USE:  Place a ball in the floor of your shower or tub. As the ball melts, it will release a menthol vapor to help open up those sinuses.
I have a bowl of these sitting in my room and my room smells like menthol. They are that strong!
STORE: You can place them in a plastic bag or container for keeps.


NOTE: I am not a doctor and this is simply a home remidy to feeling better during a cold. Please consult a doctor if you are not feeling well.

I was inspired by the Original recipe found HERE.

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People Are Rude!

Sometimes I wonder if people are more rude than ever or if I'm just turning into an old fogey.

We went to a restaurant this past weekend because I really wanted some crab legs from Duffy's Seafood Shack. Don’t let the word "shack" confuse you. This place looks like a shack but the food is delicious and the prices are high. It’s more expensive than I usually will spend on a meal but since we were on a little short vacation, we thought we’d splurge a little. 

The restaurant was not quiet as crowded as it usually is and we were seated fairly quick. We placed our order and nibbled on some peanuts while we waited for our food to come out. As soon as our food arrived, so did a group of ladies. Twelve of them to be exact. They looked high class as they were all dressed in designer clothes and fancy pocketbooks. 

They were really having a good time and I think that's great but they were so loud! They were terrible! Seriously. They screamed at the top of their lungs back and forth at each other and laughed like hyenas. I could see other people doing eye rolls as they too had to hear the obnoxious behavior. 

We were sitting at the table beside them. I could not hear my own voice much less Nicks. I think I swallowed my food whole as I was a nervous wreck. Not only were they loud but we had to hear all about pet surgeries, PMS issues and bad pedicures! I was disgusted. If our food was not already at the table, we would have asked the waiter to move us.  

Needless to say, we did not get to enjoy our 50.00 meal. The girls got the stink eye look from me as we were leaving. Nick told me to leave it alone. It was obvious they wanted to make a scene and wanted someone to say something to them. It was not my place to say anything, or was it? I understand they were having a good time but really??? People are just rude!

What would you have done in this situation?