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First Snow Day 2018

First!!! I would like to wish one of my favorite people and blogging buddy JACK a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today !!!!!!. Pop over to his blog Shipslog and wish him a happy birthday. While your there enjoy his stories. 
I’d also like to wish a Happy belated Birthday to another one of my favs, Rick of at Life101. His birthday was Monday. 
Go check him out too.
Both of these men are great book authors too!!!

Now for the snow day. Yes we have our first snow day of the year. Finally, it snowed. Our temperatures have been going up and down the past week or so from the low teens to the upper 70s. Its crazy. This morning we woke up to an inch of snow and its not suppose to stop until later on this afternoon. The fellows at the office told me to stay home. We get a day off. Whoopee!! 
Now I am not a fan of the snow, but a day off, YES. I’ll take it. 

I will spend the day doing some house cleaning and if the snow fall will slack off a bit, me and Nick will venture out for a walk. So far it’s coming down like a blizzard so I choose to stay right here snuggled up to a cup of coffee...In my pajamas. I just hope I don’t end up eating all day. 

For the record, its suppose to be back up in the 60s this weekend. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK and RICK!

News Story-Rant

Ok, I think its about time I do a little rant. I see in the news so many things I disagree with. Mostley political left winged stuff but I try to keep the politics out of my blog post because I could argue to the end and it wouldn’t matter. Everyone sees things differently and that’s ok. It’s not worth the fuss. 

It’s the little things that burn me up. For example, I read a news story and the headline was this. “School experiments with deskless seating options”.
Think about that for a moment. For some of you, it may sound like a really good idea. Probably because you are only thinking back to when you were in school. How nice that would have been. For me, I think it’s a bad idea.

Children go to school to learn and heaven knows, it’s probably the only place they get any decipline now days. Making a child go into a class room, sit in a desk, be still and listen, is not a bad thing. It’s called manners and dicipline. School should be the foundation to jobs in the future. 

Its not a good idea to let the kids sprawl out on the floor as they wish and try to do class work. First of all, where is structure in this? How is this good for posture?  If they let kids go to class every day and do as they wish it would be like....well It would be like you see in a lot of restaurants. The parents that approve of this classroom method are probably the same parents that let their kids run wild in a restaurant while running up to a spoon to be fed a bite of food every few minutes. This is because in todays society, kids rule. (Dogs rule too but thats another story). Parents (not all parents) simply do not teach kids dicipline. They are not taught to sit at a table to eat. They are not taught to be quiet when they need to be. They are not taught to go to bed at a decent hour. Now they are going to allow the school to let them behave in the class rooms as they wish? Wait, thats already happening. 

I just feel like, by letting kids sit and lay around in the floors at school is taking away the last little bit of dicipline they had left. 

Rant over.